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Our wood sets us apart. We offer a complete line of drumsticks in maple, white hickory, and our unique red hickory to produce some of the longest lasting sticks on the market today. White hickory is the most common hickory used in the production. It absorbs shock and can take a beating. Red hickory also absorbs shock well and has been proven to withstand greater amounts of stress. Our red hickory sticks are perfect for hard hitters!

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Some of our most popular stick models resides within our family of hickory drumsticks. From the basic 5A, arguably the most commonly played drumsticks in the world, to our Rock and Jazz models, our range of hickory model drumsticks offer a wide array of weights, lengths and balances.

Made from the heart wood of the hickory tree, this drumstick will last even the hardest hitting drummers sessions. It’s durability comes from the density of the stick but it does not sacrifice the feel of a hickory stick.

With its unmistakable weight and gentle rebound, maple offers the definitive feel for many drummers who have found their voice in soft grooves and subtle cymbal work. With the strength to race and relax the versatility of maple drumsticks remains unmatched for so many.

We produce a wide array of mallets, brushes and specialty sticks to help produce the variety of tones today’s musicians are looking for.