Mallets, Brushes & Kids Sticks

Mallets, Brushes & Kids Sticks

Clean Sweep

Bamboo Brush

Wire Brush


Hear it

Red Hickory Wire Brush

Multi Stick (Mallet/3A)

Hear it


Timpani Mallet Staccato

Timpani Mallet

Timpani Mallet General


Bodhran Tipper

Bell Mallet Hard

Bell Mallet Medium

Generation Next Sticks

Generation Next Sticks. Available in two sizes:
Ages 4-7: D=050" L=13.25" & Ages 8-11: D=.50" L=14.25"

Practice Pads

Our gum rubber practice pads are available in three sizes: 6", 8" and 10".

Stick/Bag Combo

Includes stick bag, 5A white hickory, and 6" practice pad.