Our Woods

Here at Los Cabos Drumsticks, we produce drumsticks in three different wood types, giving you incomparable choice and control over your sound. Los Cabos Drumsticks is the only established drumstick manufacturer in the world that offers a full line of drumsticks made from American red hickory wood. Learn more about our wood types & products here.

Los Cabos Drumsticks 5A Red Hickory

Red Hickory

The heart wood of the hickory tree, provides extra durability while managing weight.

Los Cabos Drumsticks 5A White Hickory

White Hickory

The sapwood of the hickory tree, a standard wood used in drumstick production.

Los Cabos Drumsticks 5A Maple


100% Canadian maple; lightweight yet durable, for a bright sound and a fast attack.

Los Cabos Drumsticks Artist

Los Cabos Drumsticks are distributed in over 28 countries worldwide!

Los Cabos Drumsticks is the world’s #1 Canadian-made drumstick brand! Our line of high-quality drumsticks and percussion tools are available in over 28 different countries, with more being added every year.

We are constantly working with our distributors to get the world’s best drumsticks in the hands of the world’s best drummers! Find yours here:

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