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Canadian Made Drumstick!

The short Story behind our name.

What to learn a little more about us than you came to the right page 😉

Hard to believe with a name like “Los Cabos Drumsticks” that we would be based out of Canada, on the country’s East Coast in the province of New Brunswick.  
The name Los Cabos (the cape) reflects both the unique qualities of the province and the wide world of music to which our products appeal.  

High-Quality wood in three types!

Here at Los  Cabos Drumsticks we offer our sticks in three different types.  Maple, White Hickory and our Red Hickory.

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Our Wood

Red Hickory – The heartwood of the Hickory tree, is a dense wood that its White Hickory brother which adds a bit more durability to the stick.

White Hickory – This is the standard wood use from drumsticks.  Hickory has some of the best shock absorption qualities in wood.

Maple – A very light Hardwood but don’t let that fool you in thinking they can’t take a fairly good beating. 

About us - Our History

Since 2005...

Have been manufacturing the highest-quality drumsticks and percussion tools.  We are the only established drumstick brand in the world which offer a full line of drumsticks made from Red Hickory.  It all started with the owners Lawrence (Larry) & Gillian taking a chance on an idea of a Canadian Drumsticks brand. 

They took their sticks from Coast to Coast, traveling through the East Coast first and then flying out West to with sticks and business cards visiting every store they could find.  After finding success in our Canadian Market we branched out to see what other markets we could reach.  Our very first overseas distributor was Musik Wein from Germany, back in 2009, and have been in a great partnership with them ever since.  It was not long after entering the partnership with Musik Wein that more and more distributor became interested and now we are distributed in over 20 Countries.   Check them out! 

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About us - Social Responsability

We are passionate about making sure our impact on the environment and giving back to our community.

Los Cabos Drumsticsk source our wood from FSC certified suppliers in Canada and the United States.  Which ensures our forests are being protected.

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