Los Cabos Drumsticks we offer our sticks in three different types.

The most used wood type in the drumstick market today is White Hickory, for good reason.  It has the best shock absorption, rebound and elasticity of the hardwoods.  

Red Hickory is the heartwood of the Hickory Tree, this gives a dense feel, thus the line of sticks have a higher weight range.  The sticks have a bit of a heavier feel to them but share the same amazing qualities of White Hickory than look no further. 

5A Red Hikcory

Nothing quite like Maple drumsticks.  They are light, durable and give the drums that nice bright sound.  For the drummers that want to move around the kit fast and with precision.

Jive Maple

Percussion tools for everyone. Whether just starting off or playing to a packed house we have you covered.

Red Hickory - Why